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開戶名稱:北京賽斯維測控技術有限公司 賬號: 321030100101075338


  戶名:姜倩   帳號:4367 4200 1272 0082 466

  戶名:姜倩  ; 帳號:6226 0901 0989 4408

  戶名:姜倩   帳號:622202 0200 0869 40125

  戶名:姜倩   帳號:622262 0910 0098 39956


 客戶所訂產品如有庫存,可及時發貨; 如無庫存,正常訂貨周期為4~6周; 個別進口產品訂貨周期為8~10周。


根據不同客戶需求,一般采用圓通、中通、申通、順豐等快遞 北京客戶也可上門自提


自合同規定的交付之日起12個月內,如產品出現故障,經檢測屬于產品自身質量問題,可為用戶 更換或維修。
客戶將產品寄往北京賽斯維測控技術有限公司的運費由客戶支付。商品修復后的運費由賽斯維測控 支付。

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碼 刷新

As a result enjoy water-resistant rubber diamond ring along with a designer (having a water-resistant diamond ring) modified on a regular basis in line with the use case.

Get the job done drinking water can't steer clear of petrol (including drinking water vapor or dust) engagement, observe water resistant, anti - vapor, due to the fact normal water steam substances scaled-down, an easy task to sink into in the case, while in order to normal water or perhaps drinking water steam within the timepieces, it may cause problems for the internal machinery.

As a result, encounter water or drinking water vapor issue, should be quickly sent to unique restore point or even standard Program Middle for repair and maintenance.

2, the vacation moment problem Normally hardware observe tax deductible blunder for your day-to-day pertaining to Thirty seconds ;Forty five just a few seconds (negative and positive could be), view each Just a few seconds ;Thirty seconds (negative and positive might be), the particular mistake depending on the activity, the various variety, surroundings temp, and so on..

Quartz movement view next season due to battery and also ceased or dislocated, the nearby mall guarantee to suit your needs totally free substitution electric battery.

The tip kind quartz a couple of filling device wrist watches to put besides 1 minute of your time, since the face filling device to the watches after the pointer will not instantly shift.

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